ITOne Method

A Strategic Approach to IT

Whether we are managing a project or an entire IT department, ITData takes a deliberate and strategic look at an organization to determine the best approach using the IT*ONE Method. Our strategic approach provides a framework based on current and future needs that translate to value, along with a measurable difference in the ease, speed, cost and ongoing support of IT.

It’s not enough to sell solutions. We lead IT best practices by delivering highly tailored solutions that bring together three critical pillars of IT Management:

  • People: A High-Performing and Highly-Motivated Team
  • Process: Evaluation, Integration and Management
  • Technology: High-Tech and Sophisticated Solutions

ITData’s approach is a direct response to today’s world. It is a strategic methodology that aligns technology to operational goals. It provides a keen understanding of how changes in technology impact how the organization learns, collaborates, communicates and innovates. Through our process, we support these three integral and interrelated components to deliver optimum benefits to the organization.

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ITData can support or enhance your current department, or partner with you to provide full management of it. Our CIO-level leadership has experience at the management and technical level, and is prepared to enable an organization at the executive level. With proven project management experience, we can seamlessly execute a project to keep a company at maximum performance.

Our team prides itself on industry expertise. We thrive on industry challenges that require thinking outside of the box, inventing new and better ways for standalone technology components to work together to streamline, create efficiencies and solve your greatest business and IT challenges.

We maintain a personable and personal approach to IT. Relationships do matter. In our outsourced environment, this is as important as ever. We help keep your team, both internal and outsourced, aligned, motivated and productive.

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The ITData process provides the framework to our plan. They are value-creating resources that help you get the most out of your IT investment and helps provide you with the management of our IT function that has been customized to your organization. As an advocate for our clients, we have developed processes to ensure you get the best solution for your needs, with the best vendors, and at the right cost. We consider a process to:

  • Integrate and transition legacy practices with outsourcing and hosting models
  • Manage, administer and maintain projects, requests and systems maintenance
  • Development of new policies and procedures to align with new models
  • Creation of good corporate compliance for archives, security and IT practice.

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The nature of our approach is grounded in identifying IT solutions that will take your business to the next level. We’re not focused on selling a product, but instead of finding the right combination of services and solutions that will deliver the best results for your own unique business goals.

When implemented well, technology is sophisticated and powerful. We select technologies aligned with business goals to integrate and deliver value throughout your organization.

We look for managed services to provide best practices, performance monitoring and value. We evaluate technologies and their providers to administer these new tools. We prepare for integration in a complicated and ever-changing environment and provide platforms for monitoring, maintaining and reporting on systems.

Our process extends to the selection of the right technology, with a 5-steps approach including evaluation, planning, procurement, implementation and management.

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