CIO Services and Strategic Planning

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Today’s Chief Information Officers and Information Technology executives must effectively evaluate new strategies while driving technology implementation and support initiatives throughout the organization. IT has evolved from a supporting tool to a strategic business driver. ITData’s CIO Services and Strategic Planning cohesively manages the integration of new technology, which directly influences changes to an organization’s systems, practices and policies, while providing expert vendor management and team development management.

CIO Services

Is your IT team backlogged and overloaded from doing more with less? Are you lacking C-level technology leadership due to budget constraints? Expand your resources with our CIO Services, or simply strengthen your executive leadership with our technical and strategic expertise by:

  • Reducing operational costs by leveraging our experienced executive team to augment your IT department, fill resource gaps
  • Assessing your current state, looking across all departments, applications, systems and technologies
  • Aligning the direction of IT to business functions with clear strategy communication between the units
  • Optimizing human resources and team development across the organization
  • Reducing the time and expense of IT life cycles, including vendor review, selection, approval, and implementation

Strategic IT Planning Services

Strategic Planning is too often overlooked or insufficiently implemented, particularly as it pertains to information technology, and the risks of doing so can be acute. While companies spend excessive amounts of time on technical detail, they may lack the suitable leadership to work backwards from the desired outcome.

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Using ITData’s  IT*ONE Method we build on one of the most well-known models for strategic planning – SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), applying the process to each client’s people, process and technology. We also use these distinctions to determine the best options, taking costs, workflows, benefits, risks and migration strategies into consideration.

ITData fully understands the strategic planning process and works hand-in-hand with Chief Information Officers and other Information Technology management to ensure that a comprehensive IT plan is designed and executed, typically within 12-15 weeks. Your Strategic IT Plan will develop through a series of conversations, a review of current practices, and a consultative effort to provide recommendations that will ultimately be derived from the organization’s input. Information gathered from your team will be organized in a comprehensive and detailed report, documenting all applications, systems, and infrastructure. The Strategic IT Plan will support and direct your organization’s planning, budgeting, and monitoring of the stated goals.

Contact ITData to discuss your specific requirements as we develop a customized roadmap for your organization.

CIO Services and Strategic Planning Customized for Your Business.