Why ITData?

Add Value To Your Non-Profit with ITData

1. The non-profit world is our world, too.
You work hard to be sustainable and competitive in the modern world. You are also doing more with less as budgets are constrained and funding channels are shifting. We get it! Our decades of specialized experience are working to move the needle with organizations like The Annenberg Foundation, Easter Seals, Children’s Literacy Initiative, The Philadelphia Foundation, United Way, and Beyond Celiac.

2. We know IT for the non-profit world.
Technology is moving at lightning speed and you are balancing development initiatives, innovation, and compliance with practicality to drive your mission forward. Your mission is unique and so is your technology. We leverage all of the non-profit procurement channels to get you deals and discounts while we support new technology deployments that are right-sized for your needs.

3. You need data and the story it holds.
IT touches every aspect of your organization and we understand how those functions integrate and how to improve processes to drive your mission forward. We’ll help you unlock siloed data and analytics to illustrate your impact and performance outcomes story.

4. You need a strategic partner.
The non-profits of tomorrow are shedding legacy systems to become more empowered, compliant, and cost-effective for the future. We can help you uncover new ways to support technology initiatives to better serve donors and beneficiaries, improve security, and develop a plan to get you there.

5. We sound different because we are different.
Low cost technology and short-term tactical strategies won’t get you very far today. Our years of executive consulting experience combined with our corporate technology expertise will take you to where you want to go with technology as an enabler. We believe  fund-raising, strategy, program development and technology should all march in the same direction to meet mission-focused goals.

Discover how ITData will make a significant difference in the future of your organization. For more information and to schedule an introductory meeting, please contact Sheila Brown, Business Development Director: 267-415-1529 or sbrown@itdata.com