Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology

Bringing Opportunity To Your Door

Why spend thousands of dollars without measurable results?

Eliminate the disconnect between marketing and sales.

  • Revenue Growth: Coordinated marketing, social media, advertising, and CRM specifically tailored to your needs focused on measured results
  • Lead Generation: Customized qualification process built around your firm’s requirements. We can bring leads to you, or show you the way
  • Results Dashboard: Real-time view of your firm’s revenue generating activity, pipeline, return on investment
  • Training and adoption: Simple, non-disruptive, and effective
  • Mobile Accessibility: Engage your prospects with mobile access to email, calendars and documents worldwide. Team communications with one-touch coordination
  • Improved Security, Reliability & Compliance: Conformity of versions, access and updates ensuring everyone on the platform is utilizing the latest, most secure software fulfilling updated compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Local Support 24/7: Based in Center City, Philadelphia all consulting and support is accessible to firms from the home office location ensuring prompt, reliable service with 24/7 reliability.

ITData is committed to delivering technology to your organization that adapts to your needs and grows with your firm-wide goals and objectives.

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