RFP Development

RFP Development

You have the Vision. We have the Process.

With more than 20 years of IT industry experience ITData can help you better define and communicate your needs through a clear RFP Development process that ensures you hire the best partner for your technology project and achieve the desired results.

ITData specializes in providing expert advisory services for technology infrastructure strategies, cloud migration and implementation. Through our proven  IT*ONE Process, we look inside your business to identify, recommend, plan, implement and manage your ideal combination of hardware, technology and systems.

A properly developed RFP process will help to reduce risk, minimize complaints and disappointments — and make sure a clear focus on your business strategy is driving the action throughout all stages of the project’s life cycle.
As a result of this comprehensive evaluation we:

  • Develop an RFP
  • Manage vendor selection, matching outsourced skill sets with your business requirements
  • Coordinate vendor onboarding and integration

Guided by our  IT*ONE methodology, ITData consultants remain grounded in your strategic objectives while defining the project scope, critical expertise and relevant milestones. The RFP should clearly communicate to vendors your present and future technology needs, your installed technology base, financial and other limitations; and your expectations for the performance of the vendor and the proposed solution.

Once the RFP is distributed to a select group of potential partners, ITData will field inquiries and manage the vetting process. Together with you we will reduce the vendor pool to qualified finalists who have the expertise and track record to complete the project successfully.

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