Cyber Security & Risk Management

Cyber Security & Risk Management

Good Security Is Good Business

It is difficult to identify and mitigate risks without an objective and professional opinion. ITData, Inc. has a team of engineers who have an exceptional background in information security. Our wide range of industry experience includes, but is not limited to: Healthcare Network Solutions, Nonprofit Organizations, Education, and Government Enterprise Networks.

ITData, Inc. offers both managed and professional services solutions:

IT•ONE Risk Management Program

Built into the core infrastructure of any organization should be risk management. Every organization is exposed to some form of risks, resulting in the unconditional need for understanding and calculation of those risks. The risk management process will identify, assess, and qualify risks based on their severity. It allows us to not only prioritize different risks, but to also identify the best method to control them in a continuing effort to keep your environment secure.

The IT•ONE Risk Management Program is an ongoing relationship and effort between our team of security experts and your organization. We will work with key members of your business process to gain a thorough understanding of the processes in place, security concerns they have, and the implementation of key controls for security your environment.

Risk Assessment

Getting on the right side of risk management starts with a thorough risk assessment. Our team of security engineers use a rigorous process for identifying threats to your organization and the vulnerabilities present based on those threats. We take the information gathered and provide detailed reporting, outlining the current threats, vulnerabilities, risk ratings, and suggested remediation. During the risk assessment process, ITData, Inc. uses a combination of ISO frameworks and NIST methodologies to ensure industry and government standards are being met.

Benefits your organization can gain from an ITData Risk Assessment include:
• Compliance requirements and suggested controls needed to meet them (HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, FERPA, and more)
• Policy review and suggested revisions for enhanced security
• Quantitative analyses for all identified risks
• Comprehensive reporting, developed for use as a risk management planning tool

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing goes a step beyond uncovering vulnerabilities. Our team will work to exploit those vulnerabilities in a controlled manner to ultimately identify your organization’s vulnerability to real-world attacks. ITData will use a combination of tools and our team’s extensive skills and experience to uncover your organizations risk for compromise.


ITData, Inc. will work with your IT staff or independently to implement security controls that will lower your organizations residual risk. Our team of security, systems, and network engineers will work in a collaborative manner to ensure both security and reliability in all implementation efforts. Some of the security implementations we provide, include:
• Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
• Mobile Device Management (MDM)
• Network Segmentation
• Email Encryption
• Firewall Configurations
• Multi-Factor Authentication
• Employee Information Awareness Training Programs

Incident Response

The IT•ONE Insight service is offered as a single or bundled service to customers interested in continuous vulnerability scanning, monitoring, and incident response. As part of the service, ITData, Inc. will implement an onsite server, capable of actively monitoring all IT assets for threats and vulnerabilities. Our team of engineers located in our Security Operations Center (SOC) are monitoring logs, alerts, and suspicious behavior 24/7/365.

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