Cyber Security & Risk Management

Good Security is Good Business

Organizations at every level are exposed to some form of risk, resulting in the unconditional need for risk calculation and comprehension. In order to identify and mitigate risks a comprehensive and sustainable risk management program is needed and is a crucial part of the core infrastructure of any organization. ITDATA’s exceptional team of cyber engineers works with your organization to keep your digital assets safe and secure.


Risk Management Program

An ongoing relationship and effort between our team of security experts and your organization that identifies, assesses, and qualifies risks based on their severity in a continuing effort to keep your environment secure and protected.



Our team of security experts utilizes industry-tested methodologies to assess threats and vulnerabilities. We offer VCISO, penetration testing, phishing, and audit services and provide detailed reports outlining these findings, along with risk ratings and suggested remediation strategies.



We support our clients by developing a clear strategy and roadmap created by our team of security, systems, and network engineers. We operate either within your team or as a fully outsourced partner to implement a prevention-focused residual risk reduction strategy. This method is operated in a manner that ensures both security and reliability.



Let us help you advise a plan and roadmap for continuous improvements. This plan can include scanning, monitoring, and incident response as either single or bundled services. These services include the implementation of an onsite server capable of actively monitoring all IT assets for threats and vulnerabilities, supported by our team of engineers monitoring logs, alerts, and suspicious behavior 24/7/365.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Mobile Device Management
Network Segmentation
Email Encryption
Firewall Configuartions
Multi-Factor Authentication
Employee Information Awareness Training Programs
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Organizational Risk Assessment Benefits

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Comprehensive reports & analyses of identified risks, for use as a risk management planning tool

employees collaborating

Policy review and suggested revisions for enhanced security

employee looking at monitor

Compliance requirements and suggested controls needed to meet them (HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, FERPA, etc.)

Why Organizations Trust ITDATA to Protect their Digital Assets

Consistently Up-to-Date Security Practices

Thorough & Highly Knowledgeable Security Personnel

Client Oriented & Prevention Focused

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A Word From Our Clients

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