Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Are you facing “Big Data” challenges? Relevant information sources are everywhere:

  • Programs, Products, & Services
  • Financial Performance
  • Internal & External Communications
  • Sales, Marketing, and Development
  • Strategic Goals

Companies striving to achieve analytics competence need to be focused and know that it is a long term commitment. It is helpful to define a maturity model with their eye on the prize. Knowing what answers you are looking for is essential. Do you have a methodology or framework?

As an organization matures in this model, it will continually improve its analytical capabilities and the results that will serve to revise behaviors and activities. Those revised activities should improve results.

While some enterprises are determinedly capturing all data in hopes of uncovering some new insights and spurring possible actions, others are starting with the end goals in mind to streamline the process and holistically manage an end-to-end architecture to support those desired outcomes. Regardless of approach, data, insight and action can no longer represent separate disciplines; they must be fused into one architecture that encompasses:

  • Data acquisition, regardless of where the information is generated
  • Organization of that data, using a Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) at the core to connect to data as needed, rather than collect it all in a single source
  • Analysis of data when and where it makes most sense — including reporting and data visualization, machine learning and everything in between
  • Delivery of insights and data at the optimal point of impact, whether to support human activities with just-in-time insights, embed analysis into business processes, or feed algorithms that analyze data as it streams into the enterprise and automatically take action on the results

ITData has over 20 years’ of experience assisting clients create, mature and grow their analytics expertise. Let us help you manage the process in an efficient, cost effective manner.

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