White and Williams LLP: Employment Law Seminar
Featuring ITDATA Security Experts
Contact: Sheila M. Brown, Marketing and Business Development Manager, sbrown@itdata.com
May 20, 2015  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – White and Williams Labor and Employment Group hosted its Employment Law Seminar, featuring White and Williams LLP and security experts from ITDATA, Inc. on May 20, 2015 at the Philadelphia office of White and Williams LLP. Regional employers and human resource professionals were in attendance.
Daniel Costantino, from ITDATA, highlighted the benefits organizations will receive from implementing risk management and incident response plans. He also spoke about the importance of following proper due diligence and due care from a security perspective. “Performing due diligence is not enough. Knowing about risks and not developing a plan to address them will leave an organization open to litigation in the event of a breach”, said Dan Costantino, Director of Security.  Panelists from White and Williams offered insight and expertise regarding employment law and privacy issues, such as:

  • Employment agreements should be tailored to the situation. There is no standard document that should be used.
  • Use the Interactive Process when considering reasonable accommodations. Analyze job functions and the employee’s limitations.
  • When issuing discipline, the employer’s first consideration should be protected categories, including conduct outside of work.

The panelists: data security, Peter Blau and Daniel Costantino, CEO and Director of Security of ITDATA; labor & employment law, Nancy Conrad, Partner of White and Williams LLP; legislative update, Warren E. Kampf, Counsel of White and Williams LLP; top five issues in executive employment agreements, Michael J. Mentzel and Debbie Rodman Sandler, Partners of White and Williams LLP; labor issues, John K. Baker, Counsel of White and Williams LLP; reasonable accommodations, George C. Morrison, Associate of White and Williams LLP; discipline for conduct outside of work, Tanya A. Salgado, Associate of White and Williams LLP, presented a review of recent legal developments and trends that impact workplace practices and operations.
ITDATA specializes in Security Risk Assessment and Penetration Testing services. The goal of these services is to provide you with a holistic view of your current information security posture, as well as provide in-depth analysis and recommendations for remedial action in appropriate instances. Our assessments are designed to be used as a planning tool for organizations. This allows you to make educated and smart business decisions pertaining to risk management. We have a wide range of industry experience that include, but are not limited to: Healthcare Network Solutions, Nonprofit Organizations, Education, Retail and Government Enterprise Networks.

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