You may think this blog is a technical posting, but you won’t find any specifications here. The purpose of our blog is to discuss how technology is affecting business, jobs, economy, impact, sustainability, and sometimes even a guess as to where this is all going.
comcast tower philadelphia pa
Ok, so we don’t know where we are exactly in this economical environment, but we do know this:  in terms of technology, Philadelphia has two of the behemoths right here in Comcast and Verizon. It’s amazing if you think about it.   I am literally looking out of my window as I write. I can see the company that pulls the strings for Rockefeller Center and NBC studios, approves the budget for Universal Pictures, and is putting in massive infrastructure to deliver all of that content that will soon be available for you to consume through your iPad, TV, phone, and to be created device of the future. Yes, you guessed right, Comcast is positioning itself to do all of that. But wait… so is Verizon. Verizon is hoping to control the “Super Highway” with its already built out wires and massive cellular network.
Yep, right here in Philly. So what does this mean to us in the business sector? Jobs, exposure, access to advanced technology, and great value for that technology. As big wigs come into town, they will use our restaurants, hotels, and buy or lease our real estate. These are all benefits we see here in Philadelphia. Businesses will have access to infrastructure and computing resources through “The Cloud “and we will see huge advancements in the cost and value in IT as a service. Small and big businesses alike will capitalize on much greater value in Information Technology which will contribute right to the bottom line.
All of this is happening right before our eyes. As the global economy continues to ebb its way back, Philadelphia is establishing itself as a renewed leader in economic merit.