S.R. Wojdak Computer Installationquotation bubble
Our new computers have been installed in both offices and are now being used by our staff. I wanted to thank the entire ITData team for their efforts during this time-consuming process. I can’t remember when we actually started this process, it seems like a very long time ago, and when I look back on it I am amazed at how many facets were involved. We were fortunate to have each of you guiding and leading us through the process, whether it was in the planning stages, the ordering of the equipment, getting the computers ready for installation, etc. Your team’s calming presence, especially Dinesh, helped get us through the installation without any undue anxiety. I truly appreciate the professionalism and dedication that your team displayed on each and every task. Count us as a happy client, and feel free to use my name whenever you are asked for a client reference. Thanks again, and can’t wait to do it again in 4 years!!
Thomas P. Flynn
S. R. Wojdak & Associates, LP