Increase system performance and security with MalwarebytesUnderstanding-Computer-Security-Jobs

Do you remember the days when your computer operated more efficiently? Applications ran smoothly, emails opened quickly in Outlook and opening a web browser was not an event that required a bathroom break to perform. If you are someone reminiscing about the good old days, hold on to your office chairs because there is one program that can bring those good times back. “Malwarebytes” is a program that scans your system for malicious objects and gets rid of them. Malicious objects can not only bog down your processor speed by taking up essential resources, but can also be dangerous to your precious files.

The now infamous “cryptolocker” ransom-ware virus has wreaked havoc on many systems. In its first 100 days of being released in 2013, the virus netted 30 million dollars to the creators. A virus on your system can travel to the servers or other workstations, and bring all work to a standstill. Running a scan with Malwarebytes is easy, you can work while it runs in the background and when it is complete you will have the peace of mind that your system is not infected.

One important tip to keep in mind once the program is installed, is that the databases need to be kept up to date by running updates when prompted or about once a week. These databases tell the program which files to eliminate so keeping them updated is very important. Malwarebytes will let you know if the database is out of date with a sad face, if you are up to date and have performed weekly scans, a happy face will be displayed.

You can download a free version of Malwarebytes here There are some nice perks to having an enterprise version of Malwarebytes running on every system in the company.

If you would like an ITData technician to help you install Malwarebytes on your system, or would like to hear more about setting up the enterprise version on all of your workstations and servers, please Contact ITDATA today.

Zachery Albeitawi
Help Desk Technician, ITDATA, Inc.